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    Product Description

    • Suitable for all Types of Cardboard and Plastic Balers
    • FREE Delivery to UK & Ireland
    • 100% £Money Back Product Satisfactions Guarantee
    • Free Safety Knife for safely cutting the Baling Tape
    • Suitable for Bales up to 220 Kgs
    • 2 Free Samples available if you want to try before you buy - (see home page). 
    • Suitalbe for every type of Cardboard & Plastic Baler including, Mil-tek, Orwak, Mac Fab, Kenburn, Strautman, Bramidan, Dicom, Pel, LSM, KK and many other Baler Types also
    • Anti-unravel Design which prevents it from needlessly falling of the Roll
    • Made from a Special Formula which makes it very flexible, soft to the touch and as a result is much safer for you and your employees to use


    1. Breaking Strain: 250 Kgs

    2. Inner Diameter of Core 76 mm

    3. Outer Diameter of Core 80/84 mm

    4. Core / Tube Wall 2/4 mm

    5. Strap Width 9mm

    6. Baling Strap length per Coil: Comes in 2 Optional Lengths: 250M or 500M.  See buying Options above!



    Baler Strapping


    Baling Tape 9mm, with Free Delivery

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