About Us

About Baling Tape Direct

Your trusted Baling Tape supplier in the UK!

When it comes to producing eco-friendly straps for bales in the UK, count on Baling Tape Direct! We are a dynamic company providing premium-grade baling tapes, also known as baling twine, for securing bales of cardboard or plastic.

What We Do

Here at Baling Tape London, we take pride in the work we do, so much so that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our line of products. This includes the Baling Strap, Baling Tape, Banding Straps, and more.

As your reliable suppliers, we take the baling tapes directly from the factory and deliver it to your doorstep, hence, cutting the middleman costs. We keep our pricing as competitive as possible for our customers’ satisfaction.

Who We Are

Baling Tape Direct is owned by Thomas Fitzpatrick who started supplying balers in a more eco-friendly way. He chose not to print his brand on the tape to avoid using ink that can potentially harm the environment and make it hard to recycle. His goal is to help customers recycle for less and to promote a green method in recycling. With this in mind, he began selling top-quality baling tapes at a much reasonable price.

Who We Serve

Most of our customers operate various businesses, from grocery shops to golf courses. There are hotels, supermarkets, factories, gardens, shopping centres, recycling companies, distributors, Cash & Carry outlets, and many more. These establishments generally dispose of lots of cardboard and plastic waste daily.

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Want to try our Baling Tapes before you buy? Then be our guest! Order your free samples now by clicking on any product you see from our store and follow a couple of simple steps. We give away not just one, but two rolls of Baling Tape for free!

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